I use mixed method social science to think about and solve problems related to access and equity for disenfranchised communities. I aim to discover and create innovative strategies to identify barriers to more integrated diverse communities as well as solutions to the challenges of minority populations in a variety of contexts. At present, my work explores the sources of discrimination and stigma—as well as solutions to combat these social forces—against people with disabilities. However this work necessities a consideration of all social identities, including race, gender, class, and sexuality and so I am also involved increasing access and opportunities in regards to these factors as well. I employ the fields of bioethics, neuroethics, disability studies, and human health. I use innovative qualitative methods alongside public health, history, critical theory, anthropology, human geography, and medicine to ask and answer questions related to increasing access for people facing structural barriers as well as ethical issues related to this work. Further, I strive to ensure my work is understandable and useable by a range of lay, professional, and academic audiences.