The aim of my scholarship is to develop feasible and sustainable strategies for companies, educational institutions, and public spaces to increase active inclusion and participation in their spaces and activities. This may involve an “access audit”, wherein I take a deep look at your organization to identify sites of exclusion. These sites may go beyond physical access, to textual access (e.g., are your materials available in multiple formats? are they written with gender and race sensitivity), epistemic access (e.g., are there subtle ways in which certain voices are being excluded or disregarded to your collective knowledge production?), and/or human resource access (e.g., are hiring or application procedures prohibiting a certain people from attempting to be involved?). In the end, we will work to develop procedures that you and your organization can undergo to increase diversity and participation. Contact me for more information.

I am also available to provide talks or workshops on increasing access for diverse communities. This can be focused on any kind of access and/or any kind of group experiencing barriers. For example, recently I gave this workshop at Emory University on how to accommodation autistic students in the classroom. Note that many of the ideas presented here are also applicable to other students, such as international students and students with diverse learning styles. I am able to work closely with leaders of an organization or institution to identify sites of exclusion and custom build evidence-based workshops for your community to increase diversity and equity.

Finally, I am available to discuss and think about disability-related issues in criminal justice. For more details on this work, please see my profile on the Scholars Strategy Network here.